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Rattle Roller

Brand: Funny Bunny Toy Company
Product Code: FB00006
Availability: 3

Made of unfinished hardwood, this fun bunny toy will roll with a light push from bunny's nose. The 3 wooden balls in the center create a nice rattle sound to pique your bunny's curiosity. The toy measures 3" x 2.375" (7.6 x 6 cm). The wood pieces in this toy come from a sustainably harvested source.

About the maker

After a terribly unfortunate chemical exposure at a former job, Funny Bunny Toy Company owner and founder, Kerry Sullivan developed numerous allergies to chemicals and foods, severe asthma, migraines and Lupus. However, Kerry was lucky. With the help of a program at the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA, she was able to turn her situation around for the better.

Funny Bunny Toy Company was started in 1997, when Kerry began making rabbit toys with only natural materials that were safe for her health, and for her bunnies as well. Having a life long love of animals (getting her first two rabbits when she was eight years old), she has always created handmade toys for her pets. Turning this hobby into a business was an easy, natural progression.

A decade later Kerry continues to make fun chew toys for her rabbits and others. She also makes regular trips to a local rabbit rescue with Farmer's Market fresh, organic greens and toy donations. We at Robbins Pet Care are behind her 100%, and hope you will enjoy giving your bunnies (and/or your other wood-chewing companions) these wonderful toys.


Made in the USA

Three wooden balls in the center create a nice rattle sound to pique your bunny's curiosity. Wood comes from a sustainably harvested source.

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