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Funbell with Chew Tube

Brand: Petwerks
Product Code: LPW0212
Availability: Out Of Stock

Funbell with Chew Tube is it a toy or a treat...actually it is a bit of both. Like the Dumbbell with Chew Rings toy, this is the same dumbbell with a yummy cardboard chew tube instead of the rings. This one should keep them busy for quite a while. If they make it through the cardboard tube, they still have the 1/2 inch thick dowel to contend with. It'll be a while before they finish this one off even if you have a pet that loves to chew everything in sight. Colors are from food-safe dyes. 5.5" x 1.25" (Price is for each.)


Made in the USA

A dumbbell toy that's perfect for tossing with a yummy cardboard chew tube. Colors are from food-safe dyes. Also available in all natural.

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