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Calm Drops for People - 30 lozenges

Brand: Historical Remedies
Product Code: HRCD001
Availability: Out Of Stock

The politics between mind & emotions -- The rigid edges of the mind that steer emotions to feel upset, low-spirited, worried, irritable or overwhelmed are softened by Calm Drops. Calm Drops restores a choice of outlook when the mind locks into an interpretation, influences emotional response and dictates mood.

Calm Drops work homeopathically with the human psyche to release stressed emotions. They are carefully designed to comfort when feeling upset, low-spirited, worried, irritable or overwhelmed. Calm Drops helps to restore the inner calm that enables a choice of outlook. Natural Vanilla flavor.

From its conception in the inventive mind of 18th century German Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, to its grass roots spread in America during the late 1800s, homeopathic medicine has evolved to embrace the commanding issues in over-the-counter therapies today:

  • Safety for children
  • Sensitive to needs of the old
  • Emotional care, stress, prevention, holistic methodology
  • Pharmaceutical practices that are environmentally sound
The Historical Remedies family of homeopathic therapies is designed with innovative delivery systems to inspire a positive experience in modern self-care.

Made in the USA

Homeopathic lozenges for people. Helps restore inner calm.

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