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The Little Cat Kit comes with six photographed cat magnets and a 120 page book, The Joy of Cats that..
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NEW and in unused condition   Herbs for Pets (Second Edition) by Gregory L. Tilford and M..
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Now in its second edition, this is an indispensable guide for canine natural nutrition. Not recommen..
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Kindred Spirits -- How the Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live exp..
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Whether you are simply curious, or are an amateur beekeeper already, Beekeeping will teach you every..
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The Backyard Beekeeper makes the time-honored and complex tradition of beekeeping an enjoyable and a..
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The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein, DVM, explains exactly what holistic medicine is an..
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This book is an easy-to-read, basic and sensible book for any dog owner that wishes to gain a basic ..
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This is a handy, easy-to-use reference guide that puts practical information into the hands of anyon..
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