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Mug "Tala Vera"

Brand: LETH Bros
Product Code: FT0022M
Availability: 12

These beautiful, 18-20 oz Tala Vera design mugs from Palopo are made from hand thrown ceramic, then hand painted -- giving each its individual uniqueness and character (no two are alike, though the painted design is strikingly accurate in technique). Approximate measurements are 4"H x 3.5"W (with handle about 4.5"W). A Fair Trade product.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade Federation principles and practices mean that artists are paid fairly, at least 35% more than they would receive in their local market. Paying fair wages does not mean that products cost the consumer more. Purchasing fairly traded products helps support living wages and healthy working conditions. And, unlike many commercial importers who often wait 60-90 days before paying producers, Fair Trade Organizations ensure prompt payment -- in many cases, prepayment, so that producers have sufficient funds to cover raw materials and basic needs during production time.

Environmental Responsibility and Respect for Cultural Identity

Fair Trade Organizations encourage producers to engage in environmentally friendly practices which use local resources sustainably. They are also encouraged to produce and develop products based on producers' cultueral traditions adapted for Western markets.


Beautiful, hand painted mug holds 18-20 oz of your favorite beverage.


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