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Body Crystal Ayate Soap Pouch

Brand: Body Crystal
Product Code: BCAC200
Availability: 13

Ayate cloth is woven by village women in a small co-op in Central Mexico. It is made from the left over pulp of the famous Agave cactus, the source of Tequila. Not only does your purchase support some very nice people, but you get a really terrific product. The wash cloth softens and swells when placed in water. After use, rinse and hang to dry. Machine washable.

Ayate Soap Pouch

  • 100% Agave fiber
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Non-Soiling
  • Gentle Skin Exfoliator
  • Machine Washable
  • Lasts One Year

A Little About Body Crystal
Body Crystal's mission is dedicated to fairly traded products, sustainable resources and international cooperatives. Body Crystal Ayates are manufactured by Bioplaneta with the expressed consent and endorsement of the Mexican national government.


100% Agave fiber; mildew resistant; gentle skin exfoliating soap pouch


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