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Wholesome Hide 10" Rawhide Braided Stick

Brand: Wholesome Hide
Product Code: 872439000339
Availability: 9

Wholesome Hide™ - 10" Braided Stick
Unlike most dog chews made from older, thinner imported hides, Wholesome Hide Rawhide chews are always made from the freshest, thickest beef hides available in the United States. Wholesome Hide rawhide treats are healthier for dogs than most imported rawhide chews. That's because fresh U.S.A. hides don't need to be processed with harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals.

Wholesome Hide rawhide treats also contain the "Collagen Layer" which simply doesn't exist in lower quality imported hides. This flavor layer, which remains intact due to Wholesome Hide's natural processing, adds intense flavor to our chews. That's why dogs choose Wholesome Hide rawhide over imported products time and time again.

10" long USA sourced and manufactured rawhide stick - great price & excellent quality. Superior processing maintains "Collagen Flavor Layer."


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Made in the USA

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