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Wholesome Hide 10"-11" Rawhide Flat Knot Bone

Brand: Wholesome Hide
Product Code: 872439000063
Availability: 12

Wholesome Hide's 10-11" Flat Knot Bone is made for those big dogs who need a long lasting chew treat. We're not sure if any dogs less than about 60 lbs would be up for the challenge, but they can always try. These are economically priced for your budget, yet still reasonably sized for most dogs to enjoy a good chewing experience. Wholesome Hide uses thick, fresh hides that are sourced in the USA. Their unique way of processing allows them to keep the "Collagen Flavor Layer" for added health and flavor. Your dog will notice the difference. And you will know that you are providing a chew treat that is processed fresh and does not contain harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals.

The Wholesome Hide Difference

  • Always made from thick, fresh, 100% USA beef hide.
  • Contains the "Collagen Flavor Layer" missing from other chews.
  • Natural processing means no potentially harmful chemical residue
  • Hand tied and 100% natural
  • Fully sourced and manufactured in the USA

About Rawhide
The quality of any rawhide product is entirely dependent on the quality of the raw material - the hide. Wholesome Hide rawhide treats are made from fresh 100% USA rawhide from domestic sources. This hide is tranported to Wholesome Hide in refrigerated trucks to prevent spoilage. The hide are then tumbled clean with fresh water, cut and shaped by hand. Then they are dried in large open-rack drying rooms over several days. This is very much the way dried fruit is produced for human consumption. The results of this water bathing and climate controlled drying are a product that is uniform in size, shape and texture with a rich golden hue.

Contrast a Wholesome Hide rawhide chew with other rawhide chews that are made from imported hides from Mexico, China, Thailand or South America. These hides are often old and thin and are transported in non-refrigerated vehicles over the course of several weeks--or months. Often, discolored by spoilage, heavy chemical processing is required before they can be made into dog treats. The products are usually dyed white with titanium dioxide which is a chemical commonly used to make white paint. This processing strips away the Collagen Flavor Layer, the unique ingredients left intact by the minimal processing used in making Wholesome Hide products.

Beef Hide


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Made in the USA


10"-11" long USA sourced and manufactured rawhide flat knot bone - great price & excellent quality. Superior processing maintains "Collagen Flavor Layer."


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