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Jax & Bones Elton the Octopus - Large

Brand: Jax & Bones
Product Code: JAXOC02
Availability: Out Of Stock

Elton the Octopus dog toys by Jax and Bones are made from 100% natural dyed cotton thread and are hand tied. They've been proven to improve dental health and guaranteed to provide hours of chewing and tugging fun. Plus, they have been nominated and rated by numerous magazines as one of the best toys for puppies and dogs. Elton is orange. Large Elton Octopus is approx. 4.75" total height -- with tentacles measuring about 2", and best for dogs between 20-60 lbs.

Good Karma rope toys:

  • Earth friendly and made from vegetable dyed cotton rope
  • Naturally flosses teeth
  • Hand-tied and durable

Each rope toy comes with a story of how it was rescued and Jax and Bones donates part of the proceeds to benefit the Rescue Train organization. These toys bring good karma!

Approx. 4.75" total height with tentacles about 2" - best for dogs 20-60 lbs.

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