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Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid -Red

Brand: Nina Ottosson / Zoo Active
Product Code: 7312133331078
Availability: 2

It weebles and wobbles, but it doesn't fall down. The Dog Pyramid will always right itself so your dog has to keep working to get the treats out. This toy will provide hours of fun as your dog pushes it around trying to free the treats inside.

Simply fill the Dog Pyramid with treats or dry food bits, then let your dog play and work to get the treats out by pushing it with its paws and nose. The Dog Pyramid, which has a weighted base, will rock, twist and wobble back and forth so that treats will fall out through the hole in the top. The weight in the base will make the Dog Pyramid stand up straight. The size of the treats will determine the degree of difficulty, small pieces are easier and the bigger pieces are harder. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Fun and activating brain training due to the fact that it has irregular movements.

  • Easy for any dog that likes treats
  • Helps provides mental stimulation and problem solving
  • Stands 6" tall and approximately 3.5" wide (treat hole is 5/8" or about 16mm wide)
  • Made from sturdy, hard plastic



This toy will help promote problem solving as well as provide mental stimulation for your dog. Brain exercises with the Nina Ottosson activity toys/games are suitable for all dogs, young or old, big or small. The activity time that fits most dogs is approximately 15 minutes at a time, shorter for puppies. The dog-activating toys are also recommended by veterinarians when the dog for various reasons is not allowed, or cannot move freely due to illness etc. Dog psychologists and instructors also use these games in their courses and training sessions.

Do not let the dog bite the Dog Pyramid. Use it only under supervision approximately 15-30 minutes at a time. When the dog has emptied the Dog Pyramid, put it away until next time. Do not throw the Dog Pyramid around.

About Nina Ottosson / Zoo Active Products
Nina Ottosson started Zoo Active Products AB in 1993, with development and design of dog activity toys and games for dogs and owners. The purpose is to mentally activate the dog in a positive and educational manner.

Her activity toys are increasingly popular and are used by dogs and other animals and their owners all over the world. The dog activity toys are recommended by dog psychologists, veterinarians, dog-trainers and many dog-owners.

All products are patent, pattern or EU design protected.

Made in China


It wobbles, rocks and throws out pieces of snacks when your dog pushes and plays with it. Stands 6" tall. Treats not included.


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