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Tick Tool

Brand: Pro-Tick Remedy
Product Code: PTR0C2M
Availability: Out Of Stock

Long a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, this simple tool is a very easy and effective way to remove ticks from you or your pet. The Tick Tool attaches to your key chain and comes with a 5x magnifying glass to help with smaller ticks or forgotten glasses. Made of tempered steel (not plastic) it maintains its precision indefinitely. With its proven performance and convenient to carry size, the choice is simple.

  • Simple easy-to-use design
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Dependable - no moving parts
  • Small, lightweight & convenient
  • 5x magnifier lens aids in ID & removal
  • Detailed instructions & tick information pamphlet
  • Full color photo based multi-species tick ID card

Since 1993 Pro-Tick has earned its reputation as an effective and reliable tool for the removal of ticks. In 1995 the Department of Entomology at Ohio State University conducted research to evaluate the effectiveness of various tick removal devices. The tests concluded that Pro-Tick was the most effective tool after it removed all test ticks intact and without damage. It was again tested in 1998 where it successfully removed the very difficult nymphal ticks at the rate of 81% compared to a tweezer with a rate of 2% - the best of any device tested!

The kit also includes the only photo based multi-species tick ID card ever produced and a 5x magnifier to aid in the identification and removal. The instructions are comprehensive and include additional information on avoiding tick bite. With these added features the Pro-Tick remains an excellent choice for tick removal and is an exceptional value as well.



Made in the USA


Easy, effective, handy tool for tick removal. Long a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts. Made of tempered steel, not plastic.


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