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Happytails Ear Cleanser - 4 fl oz

Brand: Happytails
Product Code: 897484000813
Availability: 22


This All Natural Ear Cleanser removes moisture, wax and dirt buildup that can cause odor and lead to itching and infections. It is unique in that the alcohol helps to dry away moisture in the ear, but the essential oils and aloe keep it from being too drying. The formula is gentle enough to use daily.

This product should NOT be used on cats

Ingredients Benefits
Lavender Oil Healing properties help to soothe irritations
Eucalyptus Oil Cooling and refreshing effec
Tea Tree Oil Natural remedy for many skin ailments
Citronella Oil Drives away body odors
Willow Bark Extract Natural anti-inflammatory; controls oils
Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizing agent and treatment for irritated skin

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Made in the USA


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