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Get Serious! - 16 fl oz

Brand: Get Serious!
Product Code: 027231150014
Availability: 2

Get Serious! Pet Stain, Odor and Pheromone Remover is a non-enzyme, non-toxic, biodegradable pet stain and odor remover that is super quick and easy to use. Plus, unlike other stain removers, it never leaves carpet yellow -- in fact, it even removes 'old yellowing' left behind by other cleaners.

  • Enzyme-Free: Works faster than enzymes. Apply, work in, blot dry. You're done in 3 minutes.
  • Serious Stains? Just warm bottle in the microwave and apply again (after first application is dry).
  • Serious Odors? Not a neutralizer or cover-up. Get Serious! actually extracts the cause of the odor from under the padding.
  • Re-Marking Problems? Pets aren't attracted back to re-mark because their 'pheromone' (the attractant) is extracted too.
  • Never "Yellows": Lifts urine out so there's never any "neutralized" urine left in the carpet to "wick up" later.
  • Removes "Old Yellowing" too: Removes old yellowing left behind by other cleaners.

No Enzymes in Get Serious! Why?

Enzymes are a vital part of living and exist in every cell of our body. We acquire them through food consumption, where they assist in the digestion process. However, when enzymes are used in a cleaning product there are other important factors to be considered.

Enzymes are live, "protein-like" substances that can promote the growth of molds particularly in the damp, cool climates that exist under carpet padding. For most "enzymatic cleaners" to do their work of "neutralizing odors," they require heavy saturation on the area for lengthy periods of time. The dampness from the urine and liquid cleaner can remain moist under the padding for up to 2 weeks. This, combined with the lack of air flow and the bacteria from the urine, creates an excellent climate for mold growth which turns into "mold spores" and are released into the air. Molds and their spores are hazardous for any person or pet that suffers from allergies. Cleaners containing enzymes can also cause irritation and "contact dermatitis" in sensitive pets and people.

Do note though, it's not the actual enzyme in other cleaners that is a problem, but the resultant mold that can affect you, your family and your pets.

Twice the Cleaning Mileage

A bottle of Get Serious! handles twice the amount of stains and odors as any enzyme cleaner.

Ingredients: Water, Surfectant, Stabilizer, Softener, Natural Scent. Only .05% phosphorous in the form of phosphates. pH7



Made in the USA


A non-enzyme, non-toxic, biodegradable pet stain and odor remover that is super quick and easy to use.


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