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Earth's Balance Skunk Free - 12 oz

Brand: Earths Balance
Product Code: 708744559302
Availability: 1

Earth's Balance Skunk Free is a safe, soothing probiotic solution to help eliminate -- not mask -- offensive odors caused by skunk spray. Can be used on most animals...large or small.

Probiotics -- The Natural Solution

Since many of today's strains of harmful bacteria are mutating, developing an immunity to commonly used antibiotics, introducing a diverse presence of useful and harmless bacteria strains, or what is known as a probiotic solution, will help maintain a natural bacterial balance in any environment. A probiotic solution works with nature, not against it. When a harmful bacteria strain becomes dominant enough to cause problems in a specific environment, it's because that strain has been allowed to multiply. This can cause problems ranging in everything from odors, to water clarity, to skin irritations. All bacteria need to eat to survive, and as the lowest level of the food chain, their food source is organic waste. If enough good bacteria are introduced to feed on the pollutants and compete for the same food supply, then a natural balance is established, eliminating these problems -- naturally.

How does Skunk Free work?

Skunk Free microbes break down and digest micro-biotic matter in skunk spray that cause offensive odors...can safely be applied to sensitive eyes and ears. It is permanent and works in minutes. Works effectively even after pre-treatment (shampooing, tomato juice, etc.)

What's in it?

Skunk Free contains a proprietary formula of a natural selection of living friendly microbes, targeted to digest organic odor causing skunk spray, cultured in an organic medium and contains no known hazardous ingredients.

Directions for use

Saturate your pet's coat down to the skin and let dry. If any skunk odor remains, it is usually an indication that some contaminated area has been missed...repeat the application.

Made in USA

Safe, soothing probiotic solution that helps eliminate odors caused by skunk spray.


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