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Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs - 8 oz

Brand: Grannick's
Product Code: 037685325647
Availability: 3

Since 1960, Bitter Apple has grown into a full line of taste-deterrents for pets. Many copycat products have come and gone because pets soon acquire a taste for them. Only Grannick's Bitter Apple works and keeps working. Bitter Apple's success as a dog-training aid and habit-breaker is legendary among professional trainers. Our customer list includes world famous animal schools, zoos and aviaries. Every day more veterinarians, trainers and pet lovers around the world discover the benefits of Grannick's Bitter Apple products.

  • Taste Deterrent
  • Training Aid for Dogs
  • Discourages Biting
  • Discourages Hair Chewing
  • Discourages Chewing on Other Objects, such as plants and furniture

Water, Isopropanol 5%, Bitter Principles and Extractives


Not intended for use outdoors. Keep out of reach of children. Test on furniture first to make sure it does not stain.


For use as a taste deterrent, training aid, discouraging biting and chewing, as well as chewing on other objects.


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