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Azmira Organic Neem Spray - 2 oz

Brand: Azmira
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Azmira's Organic Neem Spray is highly effective at repelling flies, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Even the healthiest, well groomed and dipped dog may still require spot protection during hikes in the woods, trips to the park or even around the block! Be sure to provide your dog with the added support of Organic Neem Spray. No dog lover should be without this essential product.

Azmira Organic Neem Spray is safe when used as directed. Do not use on pets under 10 weeks of age, or those that are extremely debilitated, without veterinarian supervision. Use with care on cats that may be allergic to Neem. First test skin on one leg.

Sterile Water, Witch Hazel, Organic Neem Extract, Orange, Rosewood, Chrysanthemum, Yarrow with Standardized Goldenseal* and Yucca Extracts*. (*to help reduce coat static, allergy or bite related irritations).

How to use it
Comes in easy to use spray bottle. Shake well before and during application. To address or cotnrol infestation, spray every few days against the grain of the coat reaching the skin underneath. To protect against temporary exposure to pests, such as at a park, use as needed applying a heavy mist to the top coat, belly and legs.

For maximum anti-parasitic action, first brush coat to remove loose hair and clean pet's coat with shampoo and Neem Dip every six weeks; applying Neem Spray for extended benefit.

Do not get in eyes. Flush with water for 15 minutes and see physician or veterinarian if irritation persists.

About Azmira
Holistic Animal Care was founded in 1982 by Dr. Lisa S. Newman out of concern for her own pets' health problems. Dr. Newman drew upon her education in human nutrition, homeopathy and alternative care and set out to research and develop safe, effective programs for all pets. In 1988, Dr. Newman's product line, Azmira Holistic Animal Care was created. The line is formulated by experienced natural products researchers, rather than by someone who "knows ingredients" or "product development and marketing." Her products have helped address many health and behavioral issues when other alternative or medical approaches have failed. Dr. Newmans' work and reputation are internationally renowned.


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Made in the USA


Highly effective at repelling flies, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Great for added outdoor protection.


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