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Happytails Sleepy Time Tonic - 1 fl oz

Brand: Happytails
Product Code: 852343001271
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Sleepy Time Tonic is an all-natural herbal elixir that helps to calm down a nervous, anxious or overactive dog. It works to nourish the physical nervous system and assists in retraining efforts to break habits like barking, cowering or aggression. It's also useful during thunderstorms and while traveling. Whether it's time for bed or just timeout, this relaxing tonic will calm a nervous dog. Soon he'll be ready for a restful night's sleep, an afternoon of drowsy napping or simply ready to give you a well-deserved break.

This concentrated elixir was formulated exclusively for Happytails by Robert McDowell, considered by many as the world's leading authority on applying western herbal medicines to canine health problems. "The formulations combine herbs and homeopathic medicines so that the metabolic and nervous system imbalances are all addressed together. The herbal mixes are not toxic in any way, are free from side effects and are simple and safe to administer at home," McDowell said.

Who is Robert McDowell?
Robert McDowell is considered the world's leading authority on applying western herbal medicines to canine health problems. Originally from New Zealand, he has lived and worked in North and South America, in Europe and in Asia and he now operates from a small country town in Australia. Through his articles and lectures and his free web-based consulting services, he deals with dog owners all around the world. He has a large range of standard preparations covering the most common canine health complaints and formulates specific remedies on a case by case basis upon request. His website can be found here at http://www.herbal-dogkeeping.com

Vervain, Skullcap, Passion Flower, Valerian, Zisyphus, Wild Lettuce Blue Flag, Liquorice, Parsley, Bach Flower Remedies: Aspen, Cerato, Wild Oat, Mimulus, Larch and Impatiens, Natural Flavoring (honey)

Sleepy Time Tonic contains the following:

  • Vervain (Verbena Officinalis): Reduces restlessness and muscle twitching and supports liver functions.
  • Skullcap: Mild natural sedative beneficial in treating anxiety, insomnia and pain.
  • Passion Flower: Helpful in reducing restlessness, anxiety and nervousness.
  • Valerian: Calms nerves and aids in physical relaxation.
  • Zisyphus: A plant used as a sedative in traditional Chinese medicine
  • Wild Lettuce: Natural sedative and sleep aid.
  • Blue Flag: Gives temporary relief of a variety of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, helping the skin by aiding the liver.
  • Licorice: Lubricates, soothes and protects mucous membranes. Acts as an anti-inflammatory. Relieves pain and itching.
  • Parsley: Boosts kidney function and helps relieve gas.
  • Aspen: A Bach Flower Essence that helps to reduce general anxiety and fear.
  • Cerato: A Bach Flower Essence that increases dog's attention and ability to focus.
  • Wild Oat: A Bach Flower Essence that alleviates depression due to boredom. Helps stop chewing and destructive behavior.
  • Mimulus: A Bach Flower Essence that reduces shyness, fear and nervousness due to common stressors such as travel, vet visits, new places, etc. Good for aggressive dogs.
  • Larch: A Bach Flower Essence that boosts confidence in shy dogs.
  • Impatiens: A Bach Flower Essence that boosts kidney function and helps relieve gas.
  • Honey: All natural honey added for flavor and sweetness.
  • Pure Grain Alcohol: (Natural herb extractor and preservative). The alcohol used is 100% pure grain alcohol and is used to extract ingredients from the raw plant.


Dosage Guide
Dog Size Daily Dosage 1 Bottle Lasts
Small 1 dose 2x/day 90 days
Medium 2 doses 2x/day 45 days
Large 3 doses 2x/day 30 days

How to use it

  • Start by giving your dog Sleepy Time Tonic twice per day.
  • Two weeks after starting the elixirs, hire an experienced dog trainer who uses natural training methods. Retraining your dog to react differently in stressful situations will break the habit and is much simpler when accompanied by a habit breaking homeopathic remedy like Sleepy Time Tonic.
  • Just a few weeks of professional training (which you then continue with your dog), coupled with herbal elixirs given for 3 or 4 months, should be sufficient to break the nervous habit reactions, leaving the dog and your whole household much more relaxed and calm.
  • As your dog's personality and/or behavior changes, you may reduce the dose to once per day.



Happytails -- Making a Difference

  • Happytails' package bottles are made from recycled post consumer resin (PCR)
  • Happytails' product labels are made from FiberStone, a paperless, all natural material that uses no trees
  • A portion of proceeds from their products goes to Canine Companions for Independence
  • Happytails is a member of CarbonFund.Org
  • Happytails' products are all proudly made in the USA
  • This product is made from organic & wildcrafted herbs
  • The herbs used in this product are ethically harvested



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Made in the USA



Safe, all natural blend of calming herbs and flower essences.


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