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Viasol Naturally Painless Spray - 2 oz

Brand: Best For Your Pet
Product Code: DF8880
Availability: 2

All natural Healing Power


If you or your pet is suffering from  short-term, muscle soreness it can be quickly relieved. along with persisting ache in muscles, which can throw off your pets regular routine and daily activities. The last thing your pet needs when they are active and exercising is a pain killer with side effects.

You need an all-natural pain relief remedy that quickly handles your aches and pains.

Naturally Painless Spray includes this combination of superior grade natural analgesic remedies. They have been tested over centuries of use and come from all corners of the world. We specially formulate our ingredients using a unique proprietary process that turbo charges them deep into the affected tissues to give rapid, safe and long-lasting relief without unwanted side effects.

Apply Directly to your bodies Pain Point.

Menthol — Recognized by the FDA as an active analgesic/pain reliever menthol has been used for thousands of years in India and China to control pain naturally. Used topically, it deadens nerve endings in the skin.

MSM — A natural form of organic sulfur, essential to health and found in all living organisms. Discovered to be an agent that instantly eases pain when applied to the skin, MSM relieves inflammation and swelling by increasing oxygen in the soft tissue whose nerves are the source of pain. It contributes dramatically to the reduction of pain due to arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism, as well as strained muscles due to overexertion.

Aloe Vera — Contains at least 140 substances beneficial to the body and has been widely used for 3,500 years. Benefits for a huge variety of injuries and ailments are due to its ability to reduce inflammation and pain, inhibit infection and promote new cell growth. For these reasons it significantly advances the healing process.

Eucalyptus Oil — Used widely around the world for centuries, the oil from fresh eucalyptus leaves has numerous medical applications; the best known being a respiratory remedy. It is also a very effective local pain killer, known to prevent infection and reduce fevers.

Sage Oil — Rich in vitamins, this herb from the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe has been used since ancient times to sooth nerves, heal sores, stop bleeding and minimize inflammation.

Grapefruit Seed Extract — A broad-spectrum antimicrobial compound that kills microscopic organisms such as fungus, parasites, viruses and bacteria, is environmentally safe and non-toxic. In Naturally Painless it serves to protect the product from invading organisms as well as kill bacteria that research indicates has a causal relationship in some forms of arthritis. Often used to reduce internal inflammation caused by micro-organisms.


All Natural pain relief spray. Contains Superior all natural ingredients that are known to have analgesic properties.

Made in USA

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