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Purrfectplay Organic Fleece Catnip Mouse - Pick a Color

Brand: Purrfectplay
Product Code: PPLA007
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These "full-size" mice toys contain an ounce of organic catnip, and are just under 4 inches long. Both colors are organic, dye-free (and bleach-free). Extraordinarily rugged, these toys are made to last, as they are built with an inner fabric layer. Freshly filled with organic catnip, your cat will be sure to get a nice buzz from its potent and aromatic scent.

Why Organic?
Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world, often leading to barren soil and poisoned water and air. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of organic farmers, biologically based methods of growing cotton are emerging. Working with nature rather than against nature, organically grown cotton becomes sustainable. The care that goes into the production of organic cotton shows in its soft and luxurious feel and in the health of the fields which produce it.

About the maker, Purrfectplay
Purrfectplay is a cottage industry dedicated to producing the best pet-centric products they possibly can. They strive to use only organic, chemical free, fair-trade materials. When you buy one of their products you can be sure it was made with dedication and love. Additionally, a percentage of their sales is given to no-kill and rescue organizations. They are a recipient of the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval as well as a Member Co-op America and the Organic Trade Association.


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Made in the USA


Approx. 4"L; Rugged handcrafted, organic, dye-free, bleach-free cotton fleece toys are filled with aromatic organic catnip.


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