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Harry Barker Cotton Rope Mouse Cat Toy

Brand: Harry Barker
Product Code: HBCRC01
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These 100% cotton, eco-friendly, azo free dyed mouse rope toys are not only cute but are great for cats who have the need to chew on their toys. It will also promote better dental health by helping keep your cat's teeth and gums cleaner through non-destructive chewing. Choose from five playful colors: Tangerine, Kiwi, Pink Azalea, Berry Red or Sky Blue.

Why azo free dyes?
Azo dyes contain toxic and potentially carcinogenic by-products. (The European Commission has already passed directive 76/769EEC, which bans the usage of certain azo dyes for use in textile or leather products which come come in "direct or prolonged" contact with the skin or mouth.) Azo free dyes are also much easier on the environment. Azo dyes, on the otherhand, resist biodegradation under aerobic conditions, so they are difficult to remove from an ecosystem.


100% cotton, eco-friendly, AZO free dyed toy in a variety of bright colors provides safe chewing playtime.


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