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Untangler 7" Pet Comb

Brand: The Untangler
Product Code: 078077716100
Availability: Out Of Stock

Combing tangles out can be a painful experience for owner and pet alike. What our combs do better than any other comb is take the pain out of grooming. All of our de-matting tools have special rotating teeth that remove tangles easily, without the pain of pulling and snagging. Conventional rigid tooth combs painfully pull at your pet's coat and tear out hair by the root. Our line of combs take away the pain and the tangles in one easy motion. This comb measures 7" long - ideal for covering large areas of fur in shorter time.

Our combs feature special rotating teeth that decrease hair pull-out and are much more gentle to hair than a conventional grooming comb. Teeth rotate 360 degrees to roll and glide through tangles, while adding a gentle massage for your pet!




Made in the USA


Large, 7-inch size features the regular spaced rotating teeth for minor tangles and seasonal shedding. Ideal for short to medium-haired dogs, rabbits, ferrets and cats.


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