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Azmira G Drops - 1 oz

Brand: Azmira
Product Code: 636371004110
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Azmira's new homeopathic 'G Drops is good for all types of allergy symptoms: runny nose and eyes, inflamed mucous membranes, itching, intestinal irritations, etc. Quickly supports pets experiencing the misery of environmental or seasonal allergy triggers.

  • Soothes all types of allergy symptoms
  • Great for itching, pimples or rashes
  • Relieves runny mucous membranes
  • Reduces irritated eyes, nose, ears or skin
  • Lessens swelling and irritation

Aconite 30C, Apis 30C, Carbo Veg 30C, China 30C, Euphrasia 30C, Nux Vomica 30C, Rhus Tox 30C, Sabadilla 30C, Sulpher 30C, Urtica Urens 30C in a base of Demineralized Water and 15% Grain Alcohol. Contains NO preservatives, sugar, starch, salt or artifical flavors.

How to Use It
Administer 2-4 drops orally regardless of body weight, or as directed by a health care practitioner. Wait at least 15 minutes before feeding.

Use: For acute symptoms, give one drop every five to fifteen minutes for the first hour, then every hour after until symptoms improve and continue with one dose two to four times a day until reversed.

To promote general benefits: repeat one dose at bedtime for initial two weeks, then one dose weekly for maintenance.

About Azmira
Holistic Animal Care was founded in 1982 by Dr. Lisa S. Newman out of concern for her own pets' health problems. Dr. Newman drew upon her education in human nutrition, homeopathy and alternative care and set out to research and develop safe, effective programs for all pets. In 1988, Dr. Newman's product line, Azmira Holistic Animal Care was created. The line is formulated by experienced natural products researchers, rather than by someone who "knows ingredients" or "product development and marketing." Her products have helped address many health and behavioral issues when other alternative or medical approaches have failed. Dr. Newmans' work and reputation are internationally renowned.


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Made in the USA


'G Drops is a fast-acting remedy targeted specifically for pets with allergy symptoms.


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