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Critter Oil flea, tick & Mite repellent - 2 fl oz

Brand: Critter Oil
Product Code: CRTOIL3
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Critter Oil's blend of pure, uncut essential herbal oils eliminates the need to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of other grooming items, such as: pesticide shampoos, sprays and carpet treatments, medicated and fungicide shampoos and sprays, skin and coat conditioners and sprays, show coat polishes, repellent sprays, etc. Critter Oil has been proven effective on dogs, cats (Editor note: We personally don't recommend for cats as they cannot process essential oils like most other animals), horses, cattle, birds and even exotic animals such as ostriches and wallabies.

Not just fleas
Critter Oil is effective in repelling ticks, too.

Critter Oil was developed by specialists in natural animal care to be the most versatile and safest skin and coat care product on the market. With the help of a PhD Organic Chemist, Critter Oil has been formulated with only oils generally recognized as safe for the human cosmetic industry (no citronella or delimonene because of their toxin levels to some animals) and at levels well below any individual harmful level for people or animals. For that reason it is safe to use Critter Oil on baby animals and pregnant or nursing mothers.

Used safely and effectively on over 8,000 animals per year, on a daily basis and have since 1987 at the grooming facility in Florida where it is made. (For common safety, please avoid eye contact and do not use internally.)

What is in Critter Oil?
Critter Oil contains a blend of 100% natural herbal oils such as pennyroyal, eucalyptus, cedarwood, sage and other pure uncut oils approved for use in the human cosmetic industry. Critter Oil contains no manmade chemical toxins and is not to be sold as an insecticide.

General Uses for Critter Oil
1) Apply a few drops of pure oils to nylon or leather collar. 2) Apply to a cottonball and put in pet's bed or in your vacuum cleaner bag. 3) Apply a drop or two straight to ticks on your pet, let sit for 5-10 minutes and then remove with tweezers - no need to dig for heads. 4) Add to water or soap base to clean bird cages, kennels, floors, etc.

Critter Oil for Dogs
(Complete insutructions for use with dogs and other animals are included.)

For 32 oz of Shampoo - Combine one measuring scoop (1 tsp) of Critter Oil and two ounces (4 tbsp) of Ultra Dawn Dishwashing liquid in a 32 oz bottle and fill with water. Since many pet owners already have a favorite shampoo, Critter Oil can also be used in combination with any of your preferred pet shampoos, liquid Castile soap or other natural shampoo bases. Because Critter Oil is pure herbal oils it will tend to separate from other shampoo bases so you must shake thoroughly with every use or you may want to add just 1 tsp. of Dawn to your mix in order to emulsify the oils throughout and improve its effectiveness. If your pet is extremely oily or flea ridden, or has a skin problem, you may wish to shampoo twice. Let the lather remain on the pet for at least 5 minutes each time, then rinse thoroughly.

For 16 oz Bottle of Spray Mist or Rinse - One measuring scoop (1 tsp) of Critter Oil and 16 oz of water (use a spray pump bottle). Shake thoroughly before each application and then spray on your pet before going for a walk or pour on after the bath.

For Critter Oil Carpet Powder - Mix 1/2 bottle of Critter Oil with a 32 oz box of baking soda. Add to this 1/2 of a 5 lb box of Borax and 1/2 box of table salt. Sift onto carpets and furniture through a fine screen sifter. Let sit for several hours and then vacuum.


Made in the USA


Concentrated, multiuse flea and tick repellent


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