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Thai Silver Bell Charm - Tube Fish

Brand: Purrfectplay
Product Code: PPLTubeFish
Availability: Out Of Stock

These are fair trade Thai silver bell charms with fair trade Greek raku beads for added color. These dainty little bell charms are meant for the royal or princess feline who expects to be treated as such. Not for the wiley cat who roams the outdoors so much, but rather the one who watches you from a sunny windowsill while you are working in the garden.

We offer six different bell charms: Ladybug (yellow beads); Strawberry (red beads); Tube Fish (dark blue beads); Flower Ball (copper-colored beads), Fish (sea-green beads) and Holly (not pictured yet but similar to Flower Ball). The average size is 1 1/2" long (with clip; 1" without clip) x 1/2" wide. The Tube Fish is slightly longer.

Thai Silver Bell Charm Styles

Do bells stop cats from being better hunters?
No. Most domestic felines are 1) well fed; 2) have nothing to do and all day to do it; and therefore, 3) this gives them more time to perfect their hunting craft, bell or no bell. But if you have a "princess" kitty, they generally have low predatory instinct.

Great for multi cat households
Cats hate getting spooked. If your cats are wearing bells, this will help minimize surprise encounters as they enter a room.

About the maker, Purrfectplay
The maker is a cottage industry dedicated to producing the best pet-centric products they possibly can. They strive to use only organic, chemical free, fair-trade materials. When you buy one of their products you can be sure it was made with dedication and love. Additionally, a percentage of their sales is given to no-kill and rescue organizations. They are a recipient of the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval as well as a Member Co-op America and the Organic Trade Association.


Made in the USA using Fair-trade goods from Thailand and Greece


Made from Fair Trade Thai silver and Fair Trade Greek raku beads for added color.


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