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Purrfectplay Organic Icelandic Wool Cat Collar - Kitten - Pick a Color

Brand: Purrfectplay
Product Code: PPLA01K
Availability: 3

Handcrafted from organic Icelandic wool specially prepared to enhance its softness, these collars float on a cat's neck like a cloud. Wonderful for cats with sensitive skin and those who have trouble with harsh synthetic materials. Over time they get slightly fuzzy like a well loved sweater, but can easily be trimmed up to look like new again. Made with breakaway safety buckles. Hand washable. Adjustable for size. Leash use with these is not recommended.

Choose the size that best fits your cat's neck - all collars are approximately 1/2" wide:

  • Small/Kitten -- 6.5-7.5"
  • Medium -- 8 - 9.5"
  • Large -- 9.5 - 11"
  • Extra Large -- 10.5" - 12"

Wool collar colors

Natural Colors

If you have concerns about dyed fabrics coming in contact with your cat, these collars are of colors straight from nature. Some animals and people have sensitivities to the chemicals used to dye fabrics. (Please note that our hemp collars have yet to yield a complaint in this area. Not a single cat or dog we know of has had itching or fur loss from wearing them.) If natural colors are your thing, you will certainly be pleased with these gorgeous natural color collars.

Caring for your organic wool collar

Caring for a wool garment is not difficult or time-consuming. Simply hand wash with a gentle liquid soap in a bowl or tub with cool water. Lay flat to dry. The important thing to remember with natural fibers is avoid using heat. Avoid hot water or hot drying and you will have a lovely collar for your cat to enjoy for years.

It should also be noted that these collars will become fuzzy with wear. This increases their comfort but they may occasionally benefit from a quick and non-invasive "fuzz clipping." Just lay them flat and use scissors to trim the fuzzy outer layer which will take no more than a few seconds.

Sizing your cat's neck for a collar

These handknit wool cat collars are somewhat adjustable in length, but the most reliable fit would be one where kitty is comfortable and the collar does not slip off easily. (They are made with breakaway buckles.) The knit is slightly stretchy, but is best for comfort rather than having it fit snug. If you currently do not have a well-fitted collar, then wrap a piece of yarn around your cat's neck and then measure the yarn's length to determine the most appropriate length from the selection below. A properly fitted cat collar will allow enough room for your finger to slip comfortably between the collar and your cat.

Don't be fooled by thinking a small cat has a small neck. Please, please, please measure before ordering.

About the maker, Purrfectplay

Purrfectplay is a cottage industry dedicated to producing the best pet-centric products they possibly can. They strive to use only organic, chemical free, fair-trade materials. When you buy one of their products you can be sure it was made with dedication and love. Additionally, a percentage of their sales is given to no-kill and rescue organizations. They are a recipient of the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval as well as a Member Co-op America and the Organic Trade Association.


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Made in the USA


Fits Small/Kitten -- 6.5"-7.5". Approx. 1/2" Wide, Handknit, ultra soft organic wool.


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