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Guatemalan Breakaway Cat Collar

Product Code: UVJT100
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These beautiful, handmade, fair trade Guatemalan cat collars feature breakaway clasps for safety. Colorful and created in Guatemalan-spirited colors, no two are alike. These women who make these may be extremely impoverished, but their crafts are rich with the vibrant energy expressing a happy life. Fits neck lengths between about 7" and 10.5" (be sure your cat will still have a pencil thickness width's of roominess when fitted); collar width is about 3/8". Colors and patterns vary. A Fair Trade product.

Currently, we are offering these at a very special price, too. We have been working with this group of women to improve their cat collars, but a piece of the hardware is "not quite there" yet. The D-rings (what you would attach your cat's ID tag to) are a little wide for the collar's width so they fit looser than they probably should. Other than that, they are excellent, lightweight, durable, colorful, have the all-important breakaway clasp and they are priced very attractively -- yet the women who make them are getting the full benefit of Fair Trade. (See below for more info on Fair Trade.)

Fair Trade

Fair Trade Federation principles and practices mean that artists are paid fairly, at least 35% more than they would receive in their local market. Paying fair wages does not mean that products cost the consumer more. Purchasing fairly traded products helps support living wages and healthy working conditions. And, unlike many commercial importers who often wait 60-90 days before paying producers, Fair Trade Organizations ensure prompt payment -- in many cases, prepayment, so that producers have sufficient funds to cover raw materials and basic needs during production time.

Environmental Responsibility and Respect for Cultural Identity

Fair Trade Organizations encourage producers to engage in environmentally friendly practices which use local resources sustainably. They are also encouraged to produce and develop products based on producers' cultueral traditions adapted for Western markets.


Unidas Para Vivir Mejor ("United for a Better Life") was started in 1990 by a group of about 10 women and is based in the community of La Esperanza (in English, "Hope") located on the outskirts of Guatemala City. It now consists of a self-governed group of approximately 68 women -- all mothers and homemakers, some widows and some abandoned by their husbands -- dedicated to improving the quality of life for themselves and their children. They still face many challenges such as illiteracy, unemployment, malnutrition, lack of sufficient education for children, etc. But through donations, grants and the sale of their crafts, UPAVIM has been able to do many things to improve their lives, such as establish a medical and dental clinic, medical lab, breast feeding promotion campaign, children's growth monitoring program, alternative 6 grade elementary school and daycare, scholarship and tutoring program and other income generating projects. Your purchase of their crafts helps this group to be a self-sustaining association and to advance toward an improved quality of life in their community.

UPAVIM is a Member of the Fair Trade Federation & The Crafts Center at CHF International

Made in Guatemala


Colorful, Guatemalan-spirited colors and styles. Breakaway buckle. Buying Fair Trade helps everyone.


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