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Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide

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Millions of American households include animal companions, yet the grief that follows the death of an animal companion has only recently become recognized in the mental health field. While it is absolutely normal and healthy to mourn a deceased pet, the grieving process can be crippling emotionally, mentally and even physically. This insightful book will help anyone:

  • Understand the many emotional reactions and responses to the loss of a pet
  • Learn what happens at a pet cemetery burial, cremation of home burial
  • Honor your pet through healing rituals
  • Cope with the trauma of a terminally ill or runaway pet
  • Assist children in coping with and recovering from their loss
  • Understand how different spiritual belief systems recognize and counsel pet loss

At once practical and sympathetic, Pet Loss offers the gift of understanding for those who may feel they are alone in their sorrow. It also joyfully affirms the loving bond between humans and our animal friends. 218 pages, paperback.

"Julia Harris has brought the discussion of how to cope with pet loss to a whole new level. Recommended!" --Allen and Linda Anderson, cofounders, The Angel Animals Network; coauthors, Angel Animals: Exploring Our Spiritual Connection with Animals

"Compelling! This book is an inspiration and will truly help all who are grieving." --Molly G. Hamilton-Mann, President, Citizens Against Animal Cruelty and Exploitation

About the author
Julia Harris is a pet bereavement counselor, author and board member of Citizens Against Animal Cruelty and Exploitation. She lives in Orange County, New York.

Offers the gift of understanding for those who may feel they are alone in their sorrow over the loss of their companion pet.

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