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Best for Your Pet Mega Lipo Tropic - 120 Capsules

Brand: Best For Your Pet
Product Code: P1951
Availability: 4
Mega LipoTropic Promotes Fat Burning
Without PPA or Drugs

There are many ways for animals and humans to lose weight: eat less, exercise more, or artificially increase metabolic rate with dangerous drugs like PPA. There is also a fourth way: feed the body's natural fat-burning machinery with the non-vitamin nutrients that are essential for its function.

The most important of these is carnitine, the main molecule responsible for shuttling fat into the fat burner "furnaces" of the cells. Choline is another nutrient responsible for mobilizing fat from storage in the first place. Coupled with natural iodine for thyroid support and vitamin B6 to support carnitine nutriture, Mega LipoTropic is the best way to be certain you are doing all you can do to encourage fat burning
Ingredients: per 1 capsule






Vitamin B6




     150 mg.  75 mg. 
 50 mg. 
     25 mg.       25 mg.
15 mg. 
 2.5 mg. 
 56 mcg. 
50 mcg



Inflammation Reduction Without Drugs



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