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Starbird Chompin' Chunks Bird Chew

Brand: Starbird
Product Code: STB0005
Availability: Out Of Stock

Chompin' Chunks are not your run of the mill wood shapes for toy making, each Chompin' Chunk is an individual foot toy. StarBird Chompin' Chunks are 18 non-toxic pine shapes in rainbow colors, perfect as foot toys. Hide these chunks in your feathery companion's toy box, a kraft paper lunch bag or treat cage for him/her to discover. Place them around their cage or hang on the gym. The Chompin' Chunks have a large center hole so they can easily be held in the beak and carried about. They provide chewing satisfaction wherever your bird chooses. Stuff the center hole with shredding material, a carrot, greens, sticks or whatever your imagination dreams up. Bag of 18 pieces; pieces range from about 2.25" to 2.5" and are 5/8" thick.

These also make a great chew toy for small animals.

18 non-toxic pine shapes in rainbow colors, perfect as foot toys or chew toys for small animals.

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