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Pawbreakers Plus Catnip Ball with Vitamins

Brand: Pawbreakers
Product Code: 181130000372
Availability: 20

We believe E.A.T.s - Catnip is the best in the industry.  100% All-Natural, grown in the mountain
fresh air in crystal clear glacial waters...its the creme' of the crop.  No other catnip even comes close, and we've searched the world.
Our catnip farm has been growing and researching catnip exclusively for over 45 years.  They grow 'medical' grade USDA Organic Catnip.
We believe it's the best in the world..and its what we use in all of our products.

Simply put, Diamond V® is an advanced bakers yeast the kind commonly used to bake bread!
It is extremely nutritious and includes a host of beneficial ingredients.  It has been used to increase
the health of nearly every type of animal imaginable, from chickens to cows.
Bakers yeasts have been fed to animals (and humans) for more than 100 years due to its
incredible nutrient content and digestion enhancing properties.  This is why we chose to
add this to our "Pawbreakers Plus" treat-toy.



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Made in the USA




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