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Feel Good Pet Memorial Garden

A pet memorial garden is a beautiful way for a grieving heart to honor a beloved pet and connect to the healing properties of nature. Making a pet garden is easy, fun and joyful. Here are 5 easy steps to make a pet memorial tribute garden.

1. Choose Between an Indoor or Outdoor Garden
Outdoor Garden. Small or large, a pet garden should be in a place that brings you joy. Maybe a place that your pet loved to lay down, sleep or play. Or pick a spot where you can sit and contemplate nature and find peace of mind as your garden grows. If you only have a small yard, a planter box, plastic plant container or wooden barrel can serve as the base for your pet memorial garden.

Indoor Garden. If you live in an apartment or condominium you may not have a yard to make a garden, but any place inside your residence with a window and good light can be a great spot to create an indoor pet garden in a basket, bucket or container.

Plant Trees in Memory of Your Pet. If you don't have the indoor space or outdoor yard to create your own pet memorial garden, a great way to honor your pet's memory is to make a donation to a non-profit tree planting organization. Such organizations' mission is to protect nature by planting trees in places designed to enhance our earth. Such organizations will often have projects to plant trees in a pet's memory. Two non-profit tree planting organizations are Arbor Day Foundation (www.arborday.org) and Tree People (www.treepeople.org) which will plant trees in your pet's memory.

Before donating to an organization, do appropriate research of the organization's mission and social and financial integrity. Good resources to review a non-profit organization's rating are www.charitynavigator.org and www.guidestar.org.

2. Pick a Tree, Plant or Flower That Makes You Happy
Pick the right tree for the area you live in to ensure the greatest success for continued growth. An easy way to find out what kinds of trees or plants are native or work well in your area is to ask a local plant nursery. Fruit trees can bring year round joy to your pet memorial garden. In the Spring, the blooming flowers and fruits can connect you to the healing and restorative benefits of nature.

Pick the right flowers that give life to birds, butterflies and other critters for greater happiness. Plants that attract hummingbirds include: Bee Balm, Red Columbine, Rose of Sharon, Trumpet Vine and Trumpet Honeysuckle, and Fuchsia and Silk Tree.

If you have children or other pets be sure to check with your veterinarian or local nursery to find out which plants are harmful and to avoid. A great resource for a list of poisonous plants is the Humane Society of the United States' website.

3. Make Your Pet Memorial Garden Unique
Memorial stones, urns, plaques, tiles, pet flags, or wind chimes are joyful and special features to add beauty to your garden. Hummingbird feeders and bird baths attract nature's beautiful creatures to be part of your pet memorial garden. Hang your pet's collar, tag or license from the pet memorial garden tree. Homemade stones and plaques are great activities for children who have lost a beloved pet because they get to express their lasting love for their pet. Paint your memorial stone, plant box or tile with your pet's name or add special poems or thoughts.

4. Invite Friends, Neighbors or Loved Ones to Help Make and Share Your Pet Memorial Garden
When your pet dies, it's important to be supported by friends and loved ones. A great way to bring people together is to invite your friends, fellow pet lovers and your family to make a pet memorial garden. Let them contribute in ways that is comfortable for them. Gathering friends to plant the tree or flowers, paint a bird feeder, memorial stone or wind chime, or read a poem or prayer will bring joy and happiness to your grieving heart. Be sure to take lots of photographs to add to your pet scrapbook.

If you are invited to a pet memorial garden celebration there are many gifts of remembrance you can bring to support your friend or loved one. A poem, prayer, card, flowering plant or memorial stone are a few thoughtful ways support to a grieving heart. If your friend has other pets, fill a small paper bag with dog or cat biscuits and decorate the bag with the pet's name, stickers or thoughtful prayer or poem to comfort your friend and provide a wonderful gift to the surviving pets who need lots of love too.

5. Celebrate the Love and Friendship Your Pet Gave You
Enjoy your pet memorial garden creation. The more you enjoy nature, be in the outdoors and the see the beauty of what you, your friends and loved ones have created, the more happy you will be. Nurture your garden to nurture your soul and spirit. Add new flowers or personalized keepsakes as time goes one. On the anniversary of your beloved pet's passing, invite friends to replenish your garden with new flowers and to reflect upon the healing power of nature and the restorative power of friendship.

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