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The Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet

by CS Swarens

Do you pick out a pet to fulfill a need or do you consider the added health benefits of owning a pet?

A great number of people want to have pets simply so that they can have something cute, cuddly or an animal that will always love them, never leave them and never complain. Some people have pets because they need assistance and the pets have been trained to offer them the assistance that they need just to get by.

Still others want to have more exotic pets... some for the purpose of bragging or showing off and others simply because they have a deep love for nature. Whatever your reason for owning a pet, would you believe that it actually increases your chances of being healthy, lowers your chances of serious disease and even increases your lifespan?

None other than the Center for Disease Control says so. The Center for Disease Control or CDC has conducted a great number of surveys, scientific experiments and other complicated studies in order to help the American public remain healthy. Their research has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that pet ownership has many health benefits.

Now more than ever, depression is becoming more and more common among people. Treatments for depression often include costly drugs that sometimes have very unpleasant side effects. Sometimes, for some people, the side effects are actually worse than the depression that led them to resort to medication. Well, according to the CDC, pet ownership decreases the incidents and severity of depression.

Heart disease is also a major concern for many people. While the causes for heart attacks and other heart related issues are numerous, pet ownership decreases most of the causes of heart disease. Pet ownership also greatly decreases the likelihood of a heart attack or other fatal heart diseases. Something so simple as a cuddly kitten could very well save your life.

Further studies by the CDC show that pet ownership decreases the levels of LDL or low-density lipoprotein ... also known as the bad cholesterol. Pet ownership has also been directly correlated to a reduction in triglycerides. Triglycerides can be less scientifically defined as the bad and unhealthy fats in food and in your body. A reduction in the levels of triglycerides results in a greatly reduced risk of many heart related issues. Pet ownership can be directly related to a reduction in many heart-related health issues but it still gets better.

Would you believe that pet ownership is proven by a federal government agency to improve your possibilities of having an active and rewarding social life? Yup! According to the CDC, pet ownership will actually increase your opportunities to get out and exercise and be a great conversation starter among members of the opposite sex.

Who knew it was so easy? Would you like a rewarding life replete with great exercise, health benefits and an equally rewarding social life? Believe it or not, according to the CDC, pet ownership not only makes it possible, but probable.

About The Author
CS Swarens is the president of Find a Pet Online.
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