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Site Help

I'm looking for a larger size of the product you show on your site. You used to carry it. What happened?
They are still there. If you click on the product that is shown on the page, that page will have "Related Products" where you will find others sizes and options.

Additionally, our site is currently set up where you only see one style or color of an item, such as collars, toys, ID tags, etc. If you click on that item, you will generally see we offer lots of choices, colors, styles, sizes. If we showed everything on our main pages, there would be so much that it would likely be very confusing. We hope you will find this browsing items better, but if not, let us know.

The option (i.e., color, flavor, etc.) is not there, but you make it appear that you offer it.
This is most likely because we are currently out of it. While we make every effort to ensure products are in stock, it is a challenge to keep the freshest, most up-to-date items available at all times. You are welcome to contact us to see when it might be available again. In the future we plan to have a function that will allow you to be emailed when it's back in stock.

When I clicked on a product for dogs, the product shows in the breadcrumb links that the product is for cats (or birds, etc). What is going on?
Several of our products are safe to use by others. Please don't let it mislead you to thinking you are buying a product for a dog, but it shows up in the bird, cat, small animal, etc section.
 In order for us to track inventory easier, the product will default to a different section not easily controlled by us unfortunately.

New features on the site - How I can benefit using these?
If you register as a customer -- it takes just a minute to enter the basic info, you can:

We have also added some bookmarking and sharing icons to let others know what cool stuff you have found on our site. ;-)

And don't worry, if you register as a customer, we will NEVER send emails (other than questions/answers pertaining directly to your order or inquiry) or catalogs or share your information with anyone else on the planet. We promise! Your information is kept strictly confidential. We've been operating this way since our beginning and continue to stand by this policy.

If you need further help, please let us know.