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Why do you ask for my phone number and email address when I place an order?
We wholeheartedly understand your concern. We only ask for this because occasionally we do need to contact a customer about their order -- nothing more. If there is a question or a problem, this is the fastest way to get matters resolved.

Do you have a catalog?
No. We intend to produce something in the future. When we do, it will be produced on environmentally-friendly paper (as tree-free as possible) and hopefully with soy-based inks. We will only send it to those who request it. And by requesting a catalog, it will not put the person on any kind of mailing list.

Do you have an email newsletter?
No. Please, if you like us, add us to your bookmarks. And, even better, tell people about us.

Are you going to put me on a mailing list if I order from you?
Definitely no. Nor will we pass your name on to anyone else.

I sent you a check - where's my order???
This is probably the slowest way to get your order. First, you must allow time for us to receive the check. If you send it via regular mail, this can take up to 10 days. We then deposit the check, but must wait another ten days for it to clear. We will not send the order before your check clears. Sorry, but that's our policy. If you want the process to go faster and do not wish to order online or by phone (with a credit card), please send a money order. Another method of payment is Paypal, which is safe and easy to use to protect your privacy, to show that you have paid for an order so that we can get your order to you quickly.

My Credit Card Statement says Kemdel Enterprises LLC WHY ?

Robbins Pet Care is a division of Kemdel Enterprises a family run business in Montana. We want to keep prices low so we use our LLC to keep the credit card processing fees low. We want to keep our prices reasonable and keeping the fees down from the credit card processors helps.

Do you offer volume discounts?
We do not have a formal set up for high volume discounts at this time. Please contact us with the specific item(s). Keep in mind we have competitive pricing, as well as excellent shipping rates.

Do you offer wholesale?
We are unable to offer wholesale pricing at this time.

Do you offer an affiliate program?
No. It typically means higher product prices or high shipping fees for everyone. Too pyramid-like for us.

Can you donate something for our event?
We really do want to help your cause or organization. Like many businesses, we are approached on a nearly daily basis with this request. The best chances of getting us to help you would be to: 1) Be specific about what you'd like from us; 2) Give us ample time before the event (the more the better); 3) Make sure you tell us plenty about the event and your organization (or provide website link), and 4) Let us know how our contribution will benefit us i.e., a sponsor link from your website or something). (Hey, we need the advertising, too!). While this is no guarantee, it will probably increase your chances of success with other businesses as well. And if we missed you in the past, please drop us a line again. Unfortunately, the old adage about persistency pays off is true in many cases.

And don't forget, many of the items we carry come from sources who also donate a portion of their profits to charitable causes.

Do you ship with other carriers besides USPS?
Yes, but only under special circumstances. Heavy orders (usually 10 lbs or more) will likely ship by UPS. If you specify that you want UPS or other, you will pay the full shipping expense. Our shipping rates are extremely reasonable (we subsidize shipping costs on many, many orders). If we offered UPS, Fed Ex, etc., the shipping rates would double for those smaller orders. Most of us would be bothered paying $20 shipping cost for, say, a $5 item.

I checked Paypal for payment when I checked out, but my computer crashed, etc. and I couldn't complete the payment transaction. What do I do?
You can do one of a few things: 1) Wait for us to send you a "Money Request or Invoice;" or, 2) Send the total amount from your "Order Confirmation" email. By receiving an "Order Confirmation" does not mean your order is on its way. We must receive payment before shipping your order.

When I clicked the "finish" button on check-out, I got an error. I clicked again and got a "Duplicate Transction error" "CREDIT CARD NOT VALID" Now what?
We've spoken to the IT dept about this. They say the credit card processing gateway is very sensitive and if your order receives an error, please wait at least 10 minutes before clicking the "finish" button again. We are working on a better solution for this and hope to have it working smoother in the near future.

Do you have a toll-free phone number?
Yes, it's 877-542-0880. You might want to be prepareed to leave a voicemail message, but we'll call you back quickly (provided we are able). Our phone system does not have a directory with extensions or voice mapping. Aside from voicemail, it's human-powered.

What can I expect when I call?
You will likely get a friendly guy named Don's voicemail, with a callback at the earliest convenient time possible. (Please speak clearly. It's always a good idea to say your phone number 2x slowly.) We will try to answer as many questions you have as possible. We always try to be friendly, courteous and knowledgeable without being sales'y. We always try to return calls and emails as promptly as possible.

Do you offer any kind of gift wrapping service?
Yes. What we do offer is FREE, but minimal at this point in time. We've have always offered this service, but have not made a big deal about it. To us, it seems these things should be something of general customer service.