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HomeoPet Anxiety Relief - 15 ml

Brand: HomeoPet
Product Code: 704959147204
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HomeoPet's Anxiety Relief is a fast acting, non-sedating liquid that helps fretting, fear, anxious and unwanted behavior from Vet/grooming visits, separation from familiar surroundings, kenneling, shows and feather plucking in birds. Nature's gentle stress reliever quickly promotes a sense of calm. No known side effects. Cruelty free research.

Anxiety or anxiety induced conditions: Vet/grooming visits, separation from familiar surroundings, kenneling, shows and feather plucking in birds.

Chamomilla (German Chamomile), Valeriana (Valerian Root), Borax (Borate of Sodium), Cypripedium Pubescens (Yellow Ladies Slipper), Ignatia Amara (St. Ignatius Bean), Colchicum Autumnale (Meadow Saffron), Veratrum Album (White Hellebore). All ingredients are 6 & 30c in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

Additional notes about the ingredients:

  • Chamomilla (German Chamomile) - Indications: nervous excitement; teething
  • Valeriana (Valerian Root) - Indications: separation; introduction of new animals; restlessness; obsessive behavior; hysteria; over-sensitivity
  • Borax (Borate of Sodium) - Indications: motion associated with travel; excessive salvitation (e.g., long, drooling strands of saliva); red, raw ulcers.
  • Cypripedium Pubescens (Yellow Ladies Slipper) - Indications: For night time crying, when pet won't go to bed
  • Ignatia Amara (St. Ignatius Bean) - Indications: Feelings of insecurity or agitation due to abandonment, bereavement or loneliness; hysteria; self mutilation; skin disease; epilepsy; general fading. Also useful for weaning problems in mother or offspring.
  • Colchicum Autumnale (Meadow Saffron) - Indications: Drooling, fear of travel, motion
  • Veratrum Album (White Hellebore) - Indications: Melancholy, fretting, sullen

HomeoPet's All Natural Remedies were formulated after years of research, development and clinical testing. The products are manufactured from the purest natural ingredients and meet or exceed all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

All HomeoPet products are formulated in a 100% natural organic solution that is easy to administer. All HomeoPet remedies are safe for kittens, puppies, pregnant and nursing females. The products are manufactured under an FDA registered process and have no known side effects. All remedies have been clinically used on cats, dogs, fish, birds, rabbits, ferrets and pot bellied pigs with good results.

HomeoPet products have been clinically proven safe and effective, even when used with other HomeoPet remedies and/or conventional medication. The products are neither sedating, not habit forming.

Pills and tablets are very difficult to administer to almost all animals, so HomeoPet developed a liquid delivery system that is easy to dose directly into the mouth, on food or in water. The best results are achieved by dosing directly into the mouth or alternatively on a small amount of food or in a small amount of water.

Acute cases: Acute cases are those that have a sudden onset, like thunderstorm anxiety or a traumatic injury. A dose can be given every 15 minutes for the first hour and then three times daily until improvement is seen.

Chronic cases: Chronic cases like joint disease, skin problems or incontinence often require a continued maintenance program. Maintain recommended dosage until improvement is seen and then gradually reduce dosage to a minimum level that maintains desired result. Repeat original dose with flare-ups.

Dosage Requirements
Three doses daily into the mouth, or in water.
Under 20 lbs. 5 drops
20 - 100 lbs. 10 drops
over 100 lbs. 15 drops
Reduce dosage with improvement, repeat with flare up.


Fast acting, non-sedating liquid that helps fretting, fear, anxious and unwanted behaviors caused by such stress.


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