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Handknit Alpaca Dog Sweater - Petite - Pick a Color

Brand: Kusikuy
Product Code: KUADS02
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Keep your dog warm with a luxuriously soft, warm, cozy, 100% organic Alpaca wool dog sweater. Finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, warmer than goose down and naturally hypoallergenic, these Alpaca wool dog sweaters are all that and very reasonably priced. Available now in six options: Fiesta Multi-stripe, Classic Red, Argyle in Taupe, Navy Blue, Fiesta Roja and Collegiate Gray. The Fiesta Roja and Collegiate Gray do not have the back leg holes -- so for many, these may be the choice for easier and more comfortable fit. Handwash & line dry.

These sumptuous cable knit sweaters are designed and created by "Alma de los Andes" ("Spirit of the Andes"), a Bolivian non-profit association founded in 1995 that serves Bolivia's poorest, rural women. Most of the women who knit for Alma de los Andes have been abandoned by their husbands and left to care for their many children alone. All profits from the sale of the Alma de los Andes products helps support these women and their families. And they are proud to knit these beautiful creations for you.

  • Fiesta Multi-stripe - straight lines of multi colors (shown in clothing line picture; far left)
  • Classic Red - As shown in detail images (shown second to left in clothing line picture)
  • Argyle in Taupe - Beige with a blue/brown argyle pattern on back (shown second to right in clothing line picture)
  • Navy Blue - Shown far right in clothing line picture
  • Fiesta Roja - Mostly red, with bright pinks, greens and white woven in dainty patterns (shown on white dog model)
  • Collegiate Gray - Mostly clasic gray, with varying argyle and line patterns along the back (shown on white dog model)

Organic Alpaca Wool
Bolivian alpacas and llamas are free range alpacas and llamas that graze on the tough organic grasses of the vast Andes Mountains...just as they have been doing for 5,000 years. The llamas and alpacas are of original pre-Inca stock and have not been genetically modified in any way. They are cared for humanely and deeply honored in the Andean culture and traditions. If an animal gets hurt it is treated with naturopathic cures: herbs and balms. There are no antibiotics, hormones or other drugs administered to the animals.

Llama with pompom earring Pompom "earrings" identify whose alpaca or llama is whose. These are inserted with a needle on a part of the ear that is not very sensitive and is a much more humane method of identification than a tattoo or hot metal brand.

The fleece is hand shorn using scissors. The animal is not harmed in this process. The fleece is then hand washed with a mild, biodegradable, detergent specially designed for the Bolivian altiplano environment. Finally this fleece is carded and spun, often by hand using a drop spindle.

Organic Fiber is Better Because...

  • Organic production reduces health risks from harmful chemicals.
  • Organic producers preserve diversity by not including any genetically modified or cloned entities.
  • Organic farming keeps rural communities healthy.
  • Organic farmers work in harmony with nature.
  • Organic clothes look and feel great!

Alpaca wooldog sweater detail

Available in Four Sizes
Petite "Size 8": Neck diameter: 6"; Sweater length: 10"
Small "Size 12": Neck diameter: 8"; Sweater length: 14"
Medium "Size 14": Neck diameter: 11"; Sweater length: 16"
Large "Size 16": Neck diameter: 11"; Sweater length: 19"

About the Kusikuy knitters
Kusikuy (meaning "Make Yourself Happy" in Quechua) knitters are native Quechua and Aymara women of the Bolivian Andes mountains who are members of independent knitting cooperatives. These highly skilled artisans receive international awards for their work. Women knit at home maintaining their traditional pre-Inca customs while generating important income. Earnings are used to improve living conditions and strengthen communities.

Bolivia is bordered by Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile in central South America. It is the fifth-largest country on the continent, measuring roughly the size of France and Spain combined. It is also categorized as the poorest country in South America, but its cultural wealth, the expansive Andean landscapes and the remnants of mysterious ancient civilizations make it among the richest and most exciting in all the Americas.



Made in Bolivia

Luxuriously soft, handknit Alpaca dog sweater is available in a variety of colors & designs. A fair trade product.

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