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Dr. Daniels' Cat Face Catnip Toy

Brand: Dr. Daniels
Product Code: 023465363527
Availability: 1

This aromatic Cat Face with a mischievious grin will surely brighten your kitty's day. Well, we couldn't resist that curious grin. And our cats give it a high flying paws up for the heavy catnip aroma. It's filled 100% catnip - No bulky fillers. Measures 3". Packaged in carded plastic bag. (This toy is imported from China. The other Dr. Daniel's other cat toys we currently sell are made in the USA).

Dr. Daniels - a real hero to felines everywhere
Dr. Daniels started his business over 100 years ago from mixing up formulas in the back of his buggy and leaving a quantity of product with the owner of his patient. The products worked so well people wanted to keep a supply of them on hand in their barns. Thus began the Dr. A.C. Daniels Company. After the turn of the 20th century and automobiles popularity came into being, Dr. Daniels introduced the grey flannel mouse and refillable wooden cat balls as toys for the felines. Dr. A.C. Daniels Company was the first company to market catnip and 100% catnip-filled toys to the household cat. Now, over a hundred years later, the toys are still manufactured the same way.


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Made in the USA

Measures 3"; filled with 100% aromatic catnip


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