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Best For Your Pet Male Support Glandular - Choose a Size

Brand: Best For Your Pet
Product Code: DM00202
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Male glandulars are all-natural, alcohol-free extracts of mammalian (bovine) glands and organs. Glandulars are frequently the only safe alternative to toxic drugs for the treatment of various conditions. Super Glandulars are emulsified, which allows up to 400% more extract per c.c. than traditional glandulars, and increases intestinal absorption substantially.

Glandular therapy is based on the fact that mammalian glandular extracts contain natural levels of hormones that can supplement the production of ailing glands in order to meet bodily needs.

Creamy and mild in flavor, Super Glandulars are eagerly consumed by pets without hesitation, avoiding the distress of "pill-pushing."

per 1/2 cc (1/2 dropper): 50 mg of Orchic Extract; and 50 mg of Adrenal Extract. Made from all-natural emulsified base of beta-Sitosterol and gamma-Linolenic Acid. Vanilla flavor. No alcohol.

Suggested Use
As a dietary supplement only. Administer daily according to guidelines below or as needed to assist with glandular considerations.

Pet's weight Amount
Under 15 lbs. 1/2 dropper
15-40 lbs. 1 dropper
Over 40 lbs. 1 1/2 droppers

About Doctor's Best For Your Pet
Doctor's Mutual Service Company is a family-owned business that was established in 1948. For much of its history the Company was focused on human nutrition and catered to natural healing arts, selling mostly to chiropractors and homeopaths, and several advanced medical doctors who saw the growing need for serious attention to nutrition in health.

In 1991, several naturopathic verterinarians took notice of their unique human formulas and began administering them to their personal pets. The rapid results they witnessed changed the way they practice forever. Doctors Bob and Marty Goldstein have been prescribing many of their glandulars, Colostrex and several of their other formulas for nearly a decade now.



Made in the USA


Creamy and mild. Made from an all natural emulsified base of beta-Sitosterol and GLA. Alcohol free. Vanilla flavor.


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