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Azmira Yucca Intensive - 8 oz

Brand: Azmira
Product Code: 636371001638
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Azmira's Yucca Intensive reduces pain as well as bute and aspirin without gastric side-effects. Azmira's Yucca Intensive is an outstanding, proven safe, all natural supplement. For arthritis, bone and joint problems, soft tissue swelling, digestive, bowel problems and colic. Tissue swelling reduces the blood flow through injured areas, toxins build up, irritating the liver and kidneys. Yucca cleanses these organs, promotes blood flow and tissue repair while preventing further degeneration of injured tissues. Reduces the "itch" of allergies. May reduce inflammation in brain areas responsible for seizure activity. Used topically, its bitter taste can be used as deterrent to chewing.

  • A Natural Steroid Alternative -- Contains over 85% active saponins,* nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory agents
  • Reduces Pain as well as Steroids, Bute or Aspirin Without any Gastric Side Effects
  • Temporary Relief of Symptoms Associated with Joint, Disc, Soft Tissue, Skin, Organ and Colon Inflammation
  • Reduces the "Itch" of Allergies
  • Can Be Used Topically for Wound and Hot Spot Treatment

* Compare that to most powdered products with only 3-7% of bio-available saponins (powders are actually the waste of the extraction process Azmira uses).

Reduces pain as well as steroids, bute or aspirin without any gastric side effects. Symptoms related to joint (arthritis, hip dysplasia), disc, soft tissue, skin, organ and colon inflammation, including pain (colic) have been known to be relieved with this formula.

Concentrated purified Yucca Extract, Potassium Sorbate (mineral-based stabilizer) 0.1%. (Yucca Intensive is not powdered waste product (the result of extraction process) as found in capsules or other popular bulk products. The Yucca extract contains over 85% bio-available saponins versus only 3% to 7% left in waste powder.) Contains no toxic preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

How to Use It
Shake well. Do not use undiluted - this is a concentrated product. Mix well into meals, grain or liquid. Dogs and Cats use 1 drop per 10 lbs. of body weight per day. This recommendation can be doubled as needed for acute situations or to initially build up therapeutic properties. Horses & large animals: 1/4 to 1 teaspoon per day. (It may cause loose stools if too much is given.)

About Azmira
Holistic Animal Care was founded in 1982 by Dr. Lisa S. Newman out of concern for her own pets' health problems. Dr. Newman drew upon her education in human nutrition, homeopathy and alternative care and set out to research and develop safe, effective programs for all pets. In 1988, Dr. Newman's product line, Azmira Holistic Animal Care was created. The line is formulated by experienced natural products researchers, rather than by someone who "knows ingredients" or "product development and marketing." Her products have helped address many health and behavioral issues when other alternative or medical approaches have failed. Dr. Newmans' work and reputation are internationally renowned.


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Made in the USA


Safe, all natural, concentrated Yucca Intensive helps reduce pain as well as bute and aspirin without gastric side effects.


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