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Azmira Stress & A'Drenal Plex - 1 oz

Brand: Azmira
Product Code: 636371001546
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Azmira's Stress & A'Drenal Plex helps to restore integrity to the adrenal glands and promote a greater sense of energy and stamina while building up the body's response to stress. These herbs are also nutritive and tonic to the adrenal glands as well as to nerve cells and tissues. As an adaptogen, these herbs reduce the stress on a body constantly exposed to excessive physical and/or emotional strain. For pets with severe loss of vitality, anemia, low blood pressure, anxiety, strain and low energy, please do seek Veterinary diagnosis. Useful for those constantly exposed to stressful environments or situations, overwork, excess strain to mind and body, physical stain and pressure.

As an adaptogen, this herbal compound is very useful for those who are constantly exposed to stressful environments or situations, overwork, excess strain to mind and body, and those pets involved in weight management and high physical task loads.

  • Helps restore adrenal glands
  • Promotes greater sense of energy and stamina
  • Useful for constant exposure to stress

For those exhibiting low adrenal function that manifests into low vitality, anemia, low blood pressure, anxiety, physical strain and pressure and low or depleted energy. Useful as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of Addison's Disease (an adrenal deficient disorder) and Cushing's Disease (an adrenal dysfunction). Also useful for those exhibiting low adrenal function that manifests into low vitality, anemia, low blood pressure, anxiety, physical strain and pressure, and low or depleted energy.

Siberian Ginsing Root, Chinese Schizandrra Berry, Fresh Damiana Leaf, Kola Nut, Fresh Wild Oats, Licorice Root, Fresh Scullcap Herb, Prickly Ash Bark, Grain Alcohol

How to Use It
Use 1 drop per 5 lbs. of body weight per dose. Dose can be doubled initially to build up therapeutic properties or as needed for acute situations. Shake well. Do not use undiluted - this is a concentrated product. Mix extract in a small amount of warm water or apple juice. Extract can be mixed into food if needed, but do double dose to increase assimilation.

About Azmira
Holistic Animal Care was founded in 1982 by Dr. Lisa S. Newman out of concern for her own pets' health problems. Dr. Newman drew upon her education in human nutrition, homeopathy and alternative care and set out to research and develop safe, effective programs for all pets. In 1988, Dr. Newman's product line, Azmira Holistic Animal Care was created. The line is formulated by experienced natural products researchers, rather than by someone who "knows ingredients" or "product development and marketing." Her products have helped address many health and behavioral issues when other alternative or medical approaches have failed. Dr. Newmans' work and reputation are internationally renowned.


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Made in the USA


Concentrated herbal blend designed to help restore adrenal glands and build up body's response to stress.


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