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About Us

Since 2003 Robbins Pet Care has been offering natural, holistic health products that complement and enhance your pet's life without making radical changes with their diet or approach to care. Many of our health products can simply be added to your pet's food or water as a way to optimize their nutrition and thereby, their quality of life.

The products sold at Robbins Pet Care are made by companies with a deep commitment to providing a healthier, happier life for your pet. All of our products are carefully selected based upon quality of ingredients and materials used and the impact they have on the environment. We strive to offer product choices where they have a positive impact on the environment.

If we find that a company has been sold to one of the BIG Corporations, we do research to make sure the quality of the products stays the same. In most cases, ingredient quality changes and not for the better. The Big corporations bottom line is money. The more profit they make for themselves the better. When we discontinue a product line, it will be due to quality and availability.

Many of the products sold by us are for the purpose of addressing the deficiencies found in commercially processed food. Enzymes and beneficial bacteria, necessary for proper digestion, are destroyed during processing creating digestive problems, gas being an indication that there is a problem. We also offer essential fatty acids which are easily destroyed during processing. You will also find a number of vitamin and herbal products to enhance your pet's health.

Robbins Pet Care allows people interested in natural health products for their pets the opportunity to be easily incorporated into their diet without drastic changes or difficult administration.

As you shop you will notice that we provide an overview of how the ingredients in the products offered in each section can benefit your pet's health. We believe that understanding the purpose of a product enables a person to make informed decisions and enjoy a better shopping experience.

We are located in
Hamilton, MT 59840