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Azmira Sea Supreme Shak'R - 2.5 oz

Brand: Azmira
Product Code: 636371001485
Availability: 2

Azmira's Sea Supreme is the most cost-effective multiple vitamin and mineral powder. Sea Supreme is made from Dried Sea vegetation. Natural Vitamin C from Dried Lemon. Natural B vitamins from yeast. Great for all animals, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, ferrets, and reptiles.

Note: Sea Supreme is a less expensive and less potent alternative to Mega Pet Daily for the maintenance of healthy animals.

Sea Supreme is an excellent preventative for degenerative structural problems, arthritis, general skin problems, infertility, low stamina, and poor general health. It helps to promote sound legs and hooves in horses.


Certified Ingredients
Dried Sea Vegetation, Nutritional Yeast, Dehydrated Whole Lemon, Carotene, Chlorophyll, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Wheat Germ, Papain, .
 113g/4oz (1/4 cup) Contains
Thiamin 6.25 mg Calcium 0.16%
Riboflavin 3.75mg Phosphorous 0.1%
Niacin 53.75mg Iodine 0.19%
Pantothenic Acid 12.5 mg Potassium 0.4%
Pyridoxine  5.25mg Sodium 0.375%
Choline 450 mg Magnesium 0.125%
Biotin ..063mg Sulphur 0.175%
Betaine 58.75 mg Zinc 4.75 ppm
Inositol 450 mg Cobalt 0.19 ppm
Folic Acid .88 mg Molybdenum 0.225 ppm
Folinic Acid .44mg Manganese 0.69 ppm
Ergosterol 0.2g Copper 6.25 ppm
    Iron 12.5 ppm

How to Use It
Mix well into meals, grains or seeds. Divide daily dose into two feedings for optimum results. Double dose initially to increase therapeutic properties, then as needed for stressful times.

Birds: 1/8 tsp. per 1/4 cup of food
Pets under 10 lbs: 1/8 tsp. per day
10 - 25 lbs: 1/4 tsp. per day
25 - 50 lbs: 1/2 - 1 tsp. per day
50 - 120 lbs: 1 - 2 tsp. per day
Horses & Cattle: 2 tbsp. per day

About Azmira
Holistic Animal Care was founded in 1982 by Dr. Lisa S. Newman out of concern for her own pets' health problems. Dr. Newman drew upon her education in human nutrition, homeopathy, and alternative care and set out to research and develop safe, effective programs for all pets. In 1988, Dr. Newman's product line, Azmira Holistic Animal Care was created. The line is formulated by experienced natural products researchers, rather than by someone who "knows ingredients" or "product development and marketing." Her products have helped address many health and behavioral issues when other alternatives or medical approaches have failed. Dr. Newmans' work and reputation are internationally renowned.


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Made in the USA

 A less expensive, less potent alternative to Mega Pet Daily.


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